Phoscoin FAQ

Simple answer from the whitepaper

    What is Phoscoin?

    Phoscoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency for an everyday use, with the lowest fees so you will not even notice that you are paying them. Also, an anonym blockchain system so no one can know who you are sending the Phoscoin to or how much Phoscoin in your wallet.

    Why using Phoscoin and not another cryptocurrency?

    Simply because Phoscoin have the cheapest fees, look at Bitcoin you will pay at least 2-6$ for a transaction instead of 0,0001$ with Phoscoin. Plus, the seller receives quickly his money no need to wait 30 minutes or 1 hour for confirmations. Plus, it’s completely anonym, with an advanced security system no one can know how much there is Phoscoin in your wallet or to know who you are sending your money to. For more information about the security of this coin go to the security section.

    How to buy Phoscoin?

    Before the official launching of Phoscoin (6/1/2018), you can buy it on our website with our exchange system. After we will try to add our coin on some big cryptocurrency exchange website like Cryptopia, Bitfinex...

    When will I be able to download your wallet?

    We are currently working on our wallet and hope that you will be able to download it at the beginning of 2018.